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my weekend :)

i know, i know it's been a feally fucking long time since i updated my lj with anysort of regularity and it's been even longer since i updated my lj with anything about my real life other than to occasionally post info about shows and stuff...

perhaps it's my inner procrastinate but as a way of putting off working on homework or my language of paradox piece i'm going to update my lj lol

friday night i went to a play called yerma (spelled wrong i'm sure) about this woman who wanted to have a was interesting...not quite sure how i feel about it...but theater is always fun regardless of the plot lol :)

wow what a weekend...yesterday morning i got the worlds crazies couch!!! it's mint green and all velvety and the best part was it was like $5 at a garage sale up the street...the interesting part came when i in all my butch glory lol lol lol decided that i should move it on top of a shopping cart...very funny shit...that plan ended up failing miserably and the nelly fag who was working at the garage sale gave up helping me part way to my house i had to call kestryl to help me out... wefound out why the couch was $5 it weighs about 500,000 pounds!!! i think they sold it to me so they wouldn't ever have to move it again...but at least is here now!!!

after that kestryl and i hung out with a friend of ours...the three of us went out and basically caused trouble at sparticus (sp) lol it ws great i got to watch the two of them be 14 year old boys!!! and then we came back to my house and watched the worlds WORST porn oh my God this was really fucking bad and i have seen my share of bad porn!!! these guys wern't even hard!!! definatly pay for gay!!! and then of course there were the guys with the bad chemical tans...and who can forget pink triangle man lol lol lol ok only two other people will get that joke!!! it was great...the three of us are hanging out next weekned too (before lop on sunday) they are going to watch some football game and me? i get to hang out with someone who is also not so into that whole football bonding thing lol lol :)

i went out to dinner last night at the olive garden mmmmmmmm oh my God it was so fucking good (it was our fag date) it was so fun to scare suburban families!!! we even managed to scare our server who was EXTREMLY uncomfortable with the fact that kestryl ordered for me oh my God and this guy was gay!!! it was great!!! there was some scarry aspects the 12 year old girl sitting at another table with 3 pounds of makeup on her face!!! and then the six year old girls who had cell phones!!! anyway it was very very fun!!!

yeah so this morning i was laying in bed half asleap listening to the radio count down the top 20 country songs (ok why did that make me feel like ani lol lol) curled up with the dogs and falling back to sleep when some hot queer decided to enter my apartment...hard packing...lord that was so great!!! the new sheets (which i got by returning some NASTY pink shoues my mom (yes the crazy birth one) sent me) have been offically broken in!!!

hmmmm what else is going on???the cats are asleap...the dogs are asleap...i should be writing a pice about gender but for some strange reason at this exact moment i'm not really feeling it...hmmm could that be why i just updated my lj about my weekend??? i think perhaps so...hmmm yeah

i have class at 8am tomorow at least i have done my homework for that though :) it's so cool i am acctually into school!!! i am going to graduate!!! it's going to be a lot of work but i have finally worked through all my shit around kicks ass!!! i am very proud of myself!!! i'm even thinking of going to graduate school someday and working in some sort of alternative high school teaching at risk lgbtqqippabdsm... youth!!! (i think my dyke moms are sort of in shock about that)

another old friend of mine who is also a smyrc volunteere called me tonight wich was way cool...i don't talk to her very often although we are very was great and i get to hang out with her soon!!!

well i should go and work on my piece before i go to kestryls to hang out for a while...
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