Click (doggie_dude) wrote,


well today i took the pups to see santa for the first time!!!

they were so well behaved!!! it was in pionere place mall (they did pet santa for two hours tonight) there were so many cute furry kids there!!! lots of dogs a cat even a rat!!! there were of course some diareah machines (human childreen) one who was teasing my kids and when i told her to stop she looked so offended (she was probobly 7 or 8???i don't know i'm not that good at aging human kids) and then this other little kid who had been standing in line near us and after she talked to santa she threw a temper tantrum because she wanted a present (other than the coloring book santa gave her) right now!!!

anyway it was very fun and mercury and cosmo were so good in the mall..."santa" and his "elves" were all very impressed with how well behanved they were and even commented to me about it when we picked up our picture (my friend who drove us down so we didn't have to walk told them i was a trainer while i was getting them to look at the "elf" taking the pictures)and when i got my picture the "elf" was like i know you do this for a living but your dogs are really well behaved...i of course was super confused as how he knew i trained dogs since i didn't know she had told them lol it was funny. they told her that if people spent as much time with their human kids as people did with their dogs their lives would be a lot easier lol

this was definatly my christmas present to myself...although i think i'm going to print out another pic and give it to my grandparents and my moms with their christmas presents...and then i got two photo keychains with the pics and i am going to give one of those to kestryl tonight (i'm sure it's exactly what ze really wants lol :) )
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